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In addition, a Time Machine can be purchased to speed up or slow down the tempo, or a Recording Studio to change the voices of monsters entirely.According to Big Blue Bubble, there are 30 unique regular monsters.Monsters are the heart and foundation of My Singing Monsters.So far, as of now, there are currently 127 known monsters to buy or breed, excluding the monsters from Dawn of Fire.These monsters have their own unique qualities; for example, each has its own special guitar or drums and a special hat.

There can be a few breeding failures but this category is not as hard to breed as some other types of monsters.Another special type of monster, Mythical Monsters, are not included as a class because they are not accessible to everyone.The full list of monsters is below, including which Islands they are available on.Because of the complexity of these monster elements, it is difficult to successfully breed these monsters.Breeding a Triple Element Monster with a Single Element Monster has the best chance of success.

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