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The producers on “Un REAL” are depicted as master manipulators, coaxing contestants to come out on national TV, and swiping the meds from a bipolar woman in order to score dramatic footage.“Reality TV is so close to scripted TV at this point,” Shapiro tells the Los Angeles Times.

Above: Many viewers were outraged when this season’s “Bachelorette,” Kaitlyn Bristowe, admitted to having sex with one of her suitors.We'll be rooting for her, but it's no secret that not all of the relationships formed on the show have lasted."The Bachelor" has been running for 15 years, and "The Bachelorette" for 14 years, and while there have been some happy endings, there have also been plenty of breakups.In fact, they were just giving her a chance to sneak over to Flajnik’s hotel room to “surprise” him for a dip under the stars.“I knew if I suggested [skinny-dipping] on-camera, they would help me organize it,” she tells The Post.

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  1. The ur-evidence of this belief is the infamous Clark-Hatfield study, which was published in 1989 and replicated over and over again by You Tube pranksters as “social experiments” ever since.

  2. *** In many ways, Landwirth and Vidal’s story is my story, too. But when I downloaded the app, I took a step I’d been wanting to take for a long time: I set my preferences to show me both men and women.

  3. And buyer, beware: Although nearly all the master PUAs, including Mystery himself, insist that in their former lives they were socially hopeless geeks who had scarcely ventured within five feet of a nubile woman, many of the trainers, at least at Love Systems, have backgrounds in sales or show business and may not really resemble the introverted IT guys and cubicle nerds who seek their advice.

  4. Bob was one of the Nilon Brothers, concessionaires who owned the rights to, among other places, Philadelphia’s Veterans Stadium (The Vet) and, at one time, owned the contract to Sonny Liston. (No one in Philly puts a “g” on the end of f—kin’) No one likes us! 18 craziest things from the Eagles’ parade Jason Kelce’s unbelievable speech - https:// v=y Qjk UQ75ETk *********** Watching the Eagles’ giant celebratory parade, I saw an awful lot of blacks and whites celebrating together.