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I would probably wear some type of halloween make-up. I slid a few joints I rolled previously into my pocket, under my costume and I was out the door. Her 36c tits were on prominent display with her cleavage bulging out at the top. Lets go into the kitchen and we can fix you something to drink." She grabbed my hand and held it while dragging me into the kitchen.I always hated to wear a mask, it was too hard to enjoy the food with a mask. I had waited to leave until it was dark, which was around 9pm and got to Brads house about . She was dressed as a french maid (my favorite costume for women) and my jaw about dropped. Her fishnet stockings ran all the way up to her creamy thighs attached by garters, and her dress short enough you could almost see her panties (if she had any on). In the kitchen, Brad was there, dressed as an english bobbie, complete with the rounded hat."Here sweetie, I made it a little strong, some liquid courage," as Jill turned and smiled at me."Would you care to join me on the patio for a smoke," I asked her? The patio cover had a small strand of white christmas lights dimly lighting the back patio.I reach up and slide one of her breasts up and out of the low cut top of her maids outfit. I can feel her pussy sliding across my cock, but I am focused on kissing and suckling her breast. I pull her other breast free and give it the same attention, sliding my tongue slowly around her areola.

She leads me out to one of the lounge chairs in the back corner of the yard.Monday, I went to the local clinic and went thru the testing procedures. I stopped by the local halloween shop and picked up my costume after visiting the clinic to pick up my papers. I am stoked and I am sure Jill will be as well, she really likes you," Brad said enthusiastically! I stepped up into the house and she gave me a kiss square on the lips, pressing her full bosom into my chest. "Hey Bob, glad you could make it buddy," lightly slapping me on the back.I had decided to go to the party as a pirate, it would leave my face clear of any interference of a mask, but I would still roughen up my look with a little makeup. "I am planning on coming to the party, I am not sure how long I will stay. "Here are my papers, do I need to bring anything else? Jill takes the bottle from me and starts fixing me a drink. He nodded at me and pointed his glass towards Jill, her back to us making my drink. I have already told Jill, she can have the master bedroom first tonight."That was everything I expected and more," she stated matter of factly. I believe we have a room reserved for us," I smiled.She lifts herself up off my cock, our cream runs down her leg as she smiles at me and grabs my hand.

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Brad has been a good friend as well as his wife Jill. I blackened my face a little, and put the fake scar on my face.

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