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He allied himself with Yuan Shu in 190 when warlords from eastern China formed a coalition to oust Dong Zhuo, a tyrannical warlord who held the puppet Emperor Xian in his power.

Although he controlled neither many troops nor much land, Sun Jian's personal bravery and resourcefulness were feared by Dong Zhuo, who placed him among Yuan Shao, Yuan Shu and Liu Biao as the most influential men at that time.

Sun Jian was also the father of Sun Quan, one of the central figures of the Three Kingdoms era who eventually established the Eastern Wu state and declared himself its first emperor in 229, whereupon Sun Jian was given the posthumous title "Emperor Wulie" (武烈皇帝).

Sun Jian was born in Fuchun County (富春縣), Wu Commandery (吳郡), which is in present day Fuyang District, Hangzhou, Zhejiang.

Other times they're not so mi...image via - Chances are you have a friend who suffers from anxiety.Sun Jian jumped on shore with a sabre in hand and pointed in different directions as if commanding a detachment of soldiers to surround the pirates. Sun Jian pursued, and only after taking the head of every pirate did he return (or just the leaders according to some accounts). In 184, the Yellow Turban Rebellion led by Zhang Jiao broke out across the country.Sun Jian joined the general Zhu Jun to quell the rebellion in Yu Province (covering roughly present-day southern Henan and northern Anhui).Meanwhile, another local-scale rebellion broke out near Changsha Commandery and the rebels besieged the city.Sun Jian was then appointed as the Administrator of Changsha Commandery.

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Within a month upon taking up office, Sun Jian had quelled the rebellion.

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