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Many times when a relationship ends, the reason for the split is quite simple: One or both of the people involved in the romance simply aren’t into it anymore.

In a perfect world, that’s all that someone would have to say.

It’s neurotic, and it’s awkward, yes, but hey, it beats the truth, right? If not, lighten up and stop worrying about how a guy spends 30 minutes of his day. If you replace a guy’s wardrobe with classier clothes, he’ll wear them.

If you tell him to buy new clothes, he probably will.

Here is an article I found interesting that makes this point. I don't want to take away peoples right to get tattooed but I would like them to be more informed before doing so. The most unattractive ones though for women are names tattooed on the neck and boob tattoos. My wife and I are both ink free, and we intend to stay that way.

There's nothing wrong with getting a tattoo, but I please urge folks who do to make sure they're very meaningful and that they don't look stupid.

Some amount of alone time is always good, but no committed relationship involves staying away from one another for weeks at a time. Claiming that “things are getting too serious” is a big cop-out. Usually, they mean physically — there’s not enough going on to keep them interested. Sometimes, a guy will claim that things aren’t “moving” if they don’t feel affection coming from their girlfriends. If the only problem is that you don’t get along with his friends, he could just only hang out with one of you at a time. When a guy wants to break up, and he’s not able to come up with a reason he likes, he’ll do the next best thing: He’ll use any excuse at all to get the hell out.

Guys generally don’t spend a lot of time thinking about clothes, and you can use their apathy to your complete advantage. Some of my female friends admit to splitting with a guy because he wasn’t careful with his money, or spent it unwisely.

Breaking up with a guy because of his style either means that you’re shallow or you’re looking for an excuse to end things. One was quite obviously angry that the guy wasn’t spending his money on her.

Any sort of ultimatum will do; telling a guy that you’ll leave if he doesn’t start doing the dishes, or that you’ll leave if he doesn’t start spending more time with you.

Ultimatums make guys think that a relationship is on its last legs anyway, and they’ll start looking for a way out or focusing on your flaws.

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