Speed fucks chats

And 74% – or nearly 3/4ths of your traffic – will bounce if pages fail to load within 5 seconds.

Sluggish page speeds don’t just hurt user experience, but profit margins too.

With token validation, you can prove your identity when you contact customer support by giving a six-digit code to verify your identity before having to give your password to a customer support agent.

However please note that advertised pricing below is a low introductory rate for a three year term.

In that vein, Bluehost does have a few good things going for it. However, since the beginning of 2017, Bluehost has improved their page speed a lot.

When I reached out to them and asked how they managed to get better speed, they simply told me that they’re upgrading their server park (“Bluerock servers”). Just to let you know – Google experienced a 20% traffic drop years ago with just a half second delay.

Simply choosing Bluehost allows e Commerce sites to obtain a free SSL security certificate, Open PGP/GPG Encryption, and more right away.

Word Press official site (Word Press.org) recently re-made their hosting page.

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