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I asked him where they had fought and he said it was in the skies before he was ever born. He would sometimes become annoyed when I confessed I couldn't see his friend Joe, who apparently had a favourite corner in the sitting room where he liked to sit.

My son would go to this corner and have conversations with Joe, sometimes requesting a drink or some food for him. I remember floating through the hospital window and seeing my mother lying in a bed while holding a baby. I was being audited in an organisation called Dianetics.

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Explanations for these findings centre on the development of the hippocampus, and cognitive structures necessary for true autobiographical memory.At the time I had no idea where babies came from, nor that they were curled up exactly as I saw myself.And it was only years later at school that I found out that a foetus is hairy at one point in its development.She held onto her ears with a look of great alarm, and tried to hold her breath.I am convinced she had a memory of birth at that moment.

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  3. There were others, but Liz remained the ­constant in his life.’ Liz and Norma are still in touch. Go along and interview them,’ her ­editor had said. Peter Sellers, she says, was very rude and Harry Secombe was so sweet that she wanted to put him in her handbag. I’ve got nothing on and I’m cold.’The affair progressed, even after she got married and became pregnant.

  4. “The premise of this commercial is we have two kids, all of our friends have two or more kids, going out to a restaurant is suicide, so if you want to hang, it’s gonna be a house party,” Shepard, 40, tells PEOPLE.

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