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Bedrock mass movements include some of the most common (rockfalls) and most destructive (rock avalanches) slope processes.

The characteristic volumes, velocities, runout distances, and frequencies of bedrock mass movement types can vary over many orders of magnitude.

Photographs of family – we are fortunate to have them, but sometimes identifying them can be problematic as over time they get labelled, lost, re-labelled and mis-interpreted.

James was the first to leave home, to travel to Australian goldfields and then the New Zealand goldfields.

As with mass movements in other material types (snow, ice, soil, and debris), inventory mapping, monitoring, and modeling (numerical and physical) form the basis of bedrock mass movement recognition and anticipation.

Avoidance is the simplest and most effective response to rock–slope instabilities as active mitigation is only effective for small volume rockfalls or is only possible at significant economic cost for large slow-moving features.

Conditions of rock–slope stability can be classified into three broad categories based on the factor controlling them: rock structures, intact rock strength, and rock mass strength.

Applications of the progressive failure concept are presented to explain the behavior of rock masses leading to a slope failure.

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