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Some agencies are not so scrupulous and will settle for bullying someone else other than the true debtor into paying the sum.

Bear in mind if you do hand over any money whatsoever you have accepted responsibility for the debt whether you originally ran it up or not We had delaings with these last week.

[smilie=013.gif] I moved house after being a student (im sorry, im not a mum or even female i wasnt sure if this was an exclusive forum.) A cancled BT account failed to get cancled.

and ever since these guys have been after some poxy amouint of money i refuse to pay BT because i refute that i indeed owe them said debt. they also HAVE TO inform you when the debt is passed on.

They were trying to find someone to link to a debt from a house I lived in, but I didn't live there at the time the debt was incurred, so they've confirmed that they have closed the 'case' and I have no link to that debt.

i will not be paying a penny ,after speaking to lovely Claudine who was so rude, i dont see why i should keep trying to resolve this when i have enough written proof this is not my debt !!!!!

Turned out that ours was for a gas/electric bill for a property we had rented 4 years ago and the debt was incurred 2 years ago.

I checked with british gas...called past due and that was it, debt absolved, problem sorted.

I have sent them a copy of the tenent agreement ,for my current address , as proof i was not at the address at the given dates . It says i should pay the amount by 28th July ......

Good luck I appreciate this is an old thread - but I put this information here in case it is helpful.

I have just received a letter from past due credit solutions with no information other than a case number and an 0844 number to call. COM - Non-Geographical Alternative Telephone Numbers a non 0844 number 01 for them which I can call free from my skype account.

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Any advice would be appreciated xx hi ive just googled their name they based in glasgow and collect debts on behalf of companies, i would phone them and ask what it is about just in case someone has used your details to get credit, dont give them no personal details though, if they hold wrong info about you then tell them u are contacting cab as u have no debt It may be there is a person with a name similar to yours who owes money and this comapny are on a fishing expedition with all variations of the name to try to contact them.

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