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The chosen date will be at least 21 days after the date of registration and within three months of the date of registration.A marriage licence can only be issued on proof of a number of conditions (see below) by statutory declaration.All marriages performed in Singapore must be registered with the relevant registry in order to be legally valid.

If you are required to seek prior approval from the Ministry of Manpower but fail to do, the privilege to work in Singapore for the Non Singaporean Citizen could be withdrawn by the Ministry Of Manpower.

You may also be prevented from entering Singapore by the Immigration Department for a period of time.

The prior approval is believed to screen for amongst other criteria applicants who previously worked in Singapore without a Work Permit and has illegal employment records with the Work Pass Division, Ministry of Manpower; or for applicants who have not been issued with a MOM Notification on “Waiver of Marriage Restriction Policy” at the point of Work Permit application/renewal/cancellation.

On the other hand, in the context of Muslim marriages, a transgender person is not allowed to marry regardless of sex change done.

This is waived if the person is born with both genital organs (hermaphrodite or pseudohermaphroditism) and makes a change.

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