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But in her biography in the universe page, we can read this: " Gangplank was still too powerful to confront openly, so Miss Fortune spent the years wisely, surrounding herself with a small but loyal cadre of allies and **lovers** she would eventually **use to lay her demons to rest**." That made me think of this as a little inconsistence in the comic. But then I thought of asking: How do you imagine Miss Fortune?As someone that is a player with the opposite genre as much as any typical male protagonist in this kind of stories and universes, or as someone that only uses her feminine charms to lure men into doing her biding, because then she stays away from sexual intercourse to fixate more on her job?Doing well on dates gets the player a higher money reward (ironically), which allows the player to buy food and drinks for the girl between dates.A well-fed girl can have more conversations with the player, and drinks can be used to earn extra Hunie, as well as a sentiment bonus during dates.

I don't think her character is for long relationships either.While that alone is simple enough, Hunie Pop manages to up the ante by cleverly integrating dating sim elements with the puzzle elements.For instance, each token represents a particular trait, and each girl you meet in the game has a most desired and least desired trait, giving the player incentive to match up certain tokens while avoiding others.Another dating sim to break the mold is Hunie Pop, which makes escalation and reward part of its gameplay.The fact that Hunie Pop even has gameplay is one of the reasons it stands above most dating sims.

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