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And then there is the all-important bedroom department, remember you are still a spring chicken, part of the Sex and the City generation, and fully ready for a marathon session of passion but have you considered how you’d feel if the little blue pill doesn’t work on the Old Codger?

But if you have looked after yourself, you are probably getting weighedup as you bend over at the allotment. A new survey has found that, a generation ago, women wouldn’t look twice at a man over 45, at least not due to his physical appearance, but now the critical age when men become romantically invisible has been pushed back to 55 – all thanks to better clothes, fitness and grooming.

Having money and knowing how to spend it wisely is attractive to a lady.

Lets just say that if Fifty Shades of Grey was set in a township, mummy porn would have really never taken off in such a big way.

And more importantly, what are the red flags our innocent minds should look out for when on the hunt for a sugar daddy?

Might be time for us to be a bit self-reflective ladies. Consider the fact that as attractive as these Daddy-O’s may be, there is going to be a time when the age difference becomes an issue. Do share your stories – the Good, the Bad and the Wrinkly.

Many of us have been relying excessively on what we imagine to be our winsome personalities.

We are not so much lotharios as slotharios – too idle to get fit or refresh our wardrobes, but still fancying ourselves somewhat.

I think it’s fair to say that with age comes wisdom.

A man who enjoys the finer things in life such as good wine, fancy food, theatre, literature, etc.

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No matter the age gap, it's clear most of us would still be down to date them anyway.

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