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On the best of desktop mainboards there are 6 DIMM sockets for the triple-channel setup, and 8GB modules are actually possible.Just not the full amount of 6×8=48GB, so you should only be able to plug in either 6×4GB or 3×8GB for a 24GB maximum. Still, I found a very few people on the web who claimed that they tried 48GB and that they had it working just fine.So I left it there, as I have just combined three 16GB dual kits to a whopping 48GB here. That’s not the platforms’ fault however, it was just one of the memory modules failing (I have confirmed that by testing them on several other mainboards). The charges stemmed from an incident in July 2007 when the authorities pulled the rapper over as he was leaving a concert in his luxury sports car and found a loaded semi-automatic 40-calibre pistol in the back seat.BY CONTINUING TO USE THE SITE, PURCHASING A TICKET, OR OTHERWISE USING OUR SERVICES, YOU AGREE TO THESE TERMS.Certain areas of the Services (involving, for example, sweepstakes, or ticket purchases) may contain or require additional terms and conditions, including, if applicable, the AXS Purchase Agreement, or any ticket purchase terms and conditions provided by the venue, promoter, or other third party.Not Xeons on server chipset platforms, mind you, but regular Core i7 on X58.According to Intel specification, the IMC (internal memory controller) of the CPU will only support 24GB of memory, and the same is stated in X58 chipset specifications.

Besides, I never had Crucial RAM anyway, so I’m giving them a chance.There is something that got on my nerves just a tiny little bit.And that’s the memory limit of socket 1366 processors.With a single byte being the smallest addressable unit, that means we can address 2 bytes, which happens to be a total of 64GB.For comparisons sake, current Xeon processors have a 40-bit address bus, which enables those chips to address 1TB of memory, or 2TB in a 2-processor setup based on a NUMA architecture.

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Some others said they tried and got no POST at all (black screen on boot), some tried on my own mainboard (Edit: An ASUS P6t Deluxe) and succeeded while others claimed it’s impossible.

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