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Many struggled to find money for food, transport to clinics, and diagnostic tests, especially those whose property was taken when divorced, abandoned, or widowed. The strain took a toll on many, like Berta K., who told us that due to repeated abuse by her partner, "I miss doses sometimes. With few exceptions, health care providers did not raise the issue.Some of the institutions that train HIV counselors in Zambia told us "gender is integrated" into their training.

There is perhaps no better place than Zambia to create a model approach to responding to gender-based human rights abuses within HIV treatment programs as part of an overall strategy to prevent and address these abuses.

Civil society organizations provide services for women survivors of abuse and adults and children living with HIV/AIDS.

The country has high-level governmental and multi-sectoral bodies working on HIV/AIDS, and is commended globally for its fight against the epidemic.

The government should ensure that the new constitution currently under debate guarantees women's equality in all respects, including matters relating to personal and customary laws.

And the government should ensure that health care providers working in the areas of HIV/AIDS and ART receive adequate training, clear guidelines, and support to detect and address gender-based abuses.

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