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Workers cheer when their names are called, like they've won the lottery. Times are good in this northern Alberta oil-rich boom town, which means drugs and sex are plentiful near the 7-Eleven at the corner of Franklin Avenue and Main Street. Inside one business, druggies smoke meth in the washroom. I can get you crack, coke, whatever you want," slurs a fortysomething man who staggers over from the Oil Can Tavern.A frustrated clerk hangs the Out of Order sign on the door - -- again. "I can take you to a crack house the cops don't know about, break in, we can smoke it there. " Near the curb, a woman wearing flip flops and a pony tail is asked for sex, twice, by the same man in a Jeep.Sex, Drugs and Alcohol Stalk the Streets of Fort Mc Murray Calgary Herald October 22, 2005 Deborah Tetley; With files by Paul Haavardsrud It's just after 7 p.m.on payday Thursday and downtown Fort Mc Murray is a gong show.

School Board meetings are held on the fourth Monday of each month at p.m. As part of an effort by the Fort Smith School district to be more involved with the community, district officials hosted around 60 over 60 Fort Smith residents who are interested in learning more about area public schools and the city itself.Jason Montgomery filed the lawsuit in 2015, saying he was sexually abused by the late Rev.John Sutton while he was a student at Notre Dame Middle High School.An additional 10,000 people -- mostly males -- live at the oilpatch work camps. For some people, it's drugs." Cocaine abuse is one of the area's fastest-growing crimes, she says.Big money makes for big problems in a city where the average age is 31 and the average income is ,000. Of the 354 drug-related incidents in Fort Mc Murray last year, 100 of those involved the trafficking or possession of cocaine, according to the latest RCMP data.

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Her $11 hourly wage isn't worth the hassle, she says. Liquor store is littered with loiterers, as is the parking lot. RCMP insist prostitution is practically unheard of in Fort Mc Murray.

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