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It wasn't immediately clear how many of those shops, if any, would be open New Year's Day.The state banned 'loco-weed' in 1913, according to a history by the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws, the pot advocacy group known as NORML.Of the remaining 20 percent, only a quarter was sold legally for medicinal purposes.That robust black market is expected to continue to thrive, particularly as taxes and fees raise the cost of retail pot by as much as 70 percent.Los Angeles and San Francisco are among the many cities where recreational pot will not be available right away because local regulations were not approved in time to start issuing city licenses needed to get state permits.Meanwhile, Fresno, Bakersfield and Riverside are among the communities that have adopted laws forbidding recreational marijuana sales.

Finding a retail outlet to buy non-medical pot in California won't be easy - at least initially.'It remains to be seen if this can balance itself out.'Currently, 29 states have adopted medical marijuana laws.In 2012, Colorado and Washington became the first states to legalize recreational marijuana.Just after midnight, some raised joints instead of champagne glasses.Johnny Hernandez, a tattoo artist from Modesto, celebrated by smoking 'Happy New Year blunts' with his cousins.'This is something we've all been waiting for,' he said. It helps a lot of people.' Harborside dispensary, a longtime medical pot shop in Oakland, opened at 6am and offered early customers joints for a penny and free T-shirts that read 'Flower to the People - Cannabis for All' (Pictured, Harborside offers its free T-shirts) The state banned 'loco-weed' in 1913, according to a history by the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws, the pot advocacy group known as NORML (Pictured, a sales clerk with marijuana plants at the Harborside cannabis dispensary in Oakland)Only about 90 retailers have been licensed to start selling recreational marijuana as many cities are still waiting for their licenses (Pictured, cannabis products being purchased at the Harborside marijuana dispensary)Los Angeles officials announced late last month that the city will not begin accepting license applications until January 3, and it might take weeks before any licenses are issued.

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