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He called her between takes when he was taping his television show and put her on the telephone with his friends and his son.'He even stayed with Ms.Astonishingly, his IQ turned out to be the lowest recorded for any soldier in the American army, ‘including a handful of Mexicans who couldn’t speak English’. Robinson was a Portuguese pirate, turned Bette Davis into Queen Elizabeth I and transformed Tony Curtis into such an alluring female in Some Like It Hot, the crew gave the actor wolf whistles.Though Orry won a bronze medal for swimming and collected dung in a wheelbarrow to fertilise his parents’ prize carnations, he was happiest with his toy theatre, making scenery and puppets out of spools of coloured silk.He appeared briefly on stage with Bela Lugosi, but was soon out of work.He earned a crust painting murals of frogs and dragons on the walls of speakeasies.

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