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Most of us, however, would have a difficult time managing a civil lawsuit. If your Child Protective Services social worker or caseworker claims to have immunity from prosecution, don’t believe it!

Filing a lawsuit is a complex task, and it helps to have an attorney evaluate your chances of winning the case before you get started. There is no immunity for CPS under federal civil rights law.

Learn about the different federal courts here: Federal Courts.

Landy’s huge Rube Goldberg-style card-mashing contraption on the stand of London dealer Thomas Dane was just one of a multitude of wacky ideas that now passes for contemporary art at the annual fair in Regent’s Park.Find cases filed against the Department of Social Services in your state.Next, ask to look at those cases; they should be a matter of public record.You should have an ongoing case notebook, and evidence of everything that happened in your interactions with CPS.Do the best you can to prove your case using documents so the attorneys you talk to will have more confidence that your case can be won. His You Tube archive, Accused Falsely, is an excellent source of information for anyone seeking to sue CPS. Dutkiewicz, president of did a lot of legal research a few years ago to find case citations that will help CPS victims sue the Department of Social Services and their CPS social workers and caseworkers.

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However, Landy’s mad machine notwithstanding, the work on display this year seemed relatively safe and cautious, with many of the bigger dealers eschewing the challenging material and opting instead for safe art by familiar brand-name artists.

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