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Everything from navigating UI to multitasking to web surfing, indulge in multimedia on the go*. ^^ To use All Share Play cloud storage requires separate registration with a third-party storage provider.

Watch downloaded videos, catch the latest viral sensation on You Tube® or live stream content* in bright and crystal clear high definition.

Pausing the movie or closing your browser to start a new task is the way of the past.

Just use the “Multiscreen” button and open the internet browser* or the S Note to start multitasking.

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With the GALAXY Note 10.1 you can multitask as you would on a PC.

Story Cloud’s ‘Reader’ function allows you to record yourself reading the story aloud so that children can then read the book with your recorded narration.

Whether it’s Mum, Dad, Grandpa or Aunty, you can save as many different ‘Readers’ as you like to each book.

Children can then pick which of their favourite books they would like to read and their favourite people to read it to them.

Children can also have fun and practice their own reading skills by recording and listening to themselves with the ‘Reader’ tool.

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