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A STAX job can parse an XML file using an XML Parser of your choice.Below is a example that demonstrates how to do this using an XML Parser provided with java.String machine = "chinese Mach"; String service = "PROCESS"; String server Name = "\u4F3A\u670D\u5668_HP"; String request = "START COMMAND " Data("/test/start") " PARMS " Data(server Name) " WAIT"; STAFResult submit Result = handle.submit2(machine, service, request); If you need to specify non-ASCII characters in a request, then you need to be aware of some anomalies if your target system is a Windows system that isn't using an English codepage and whose ANSI codepage (ACP) identifier is different from the OEM codepage (OEMCP) identifier.

"Round trip" in this context means when all requests are originating from the same system, even if the requests are sent to, and the data is stored on, a system with a different codepage.

To determine if the machine is running Net Firewall, open the Network Connection the machine is using, and click on "Properties".

If "Net Firewall" is listed as a component, and it is checked, then the e-business client will experience this problem.

So, if the path to the command is not specified in the You can use STAF/STAX to boot VMWare images and then execute tests on the VMWare images.

Below is a example that demonstrates how to do this. Note that it's has important information on how to configure your VMWare image to work correctly with STAF/STAX.

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