Servlet deleting updating searching a row from table

It can be combined with Ammonite-Ops to replace Bash as your systems shell, but also can be used alone as a superior version of the default Scala REPL, or as a debugging tool, or for many other fun and interesting things!

If you want to use Ammonite as a plain Scala shell, download the standalone Ammonite 1.0.3 executable for Scala 2.12 (also available for Older Scala Versions): This will give you access to the Ammonite-REPL: With Pretty Printing, Syntax Highlighting for input and output, Artifact Loading in-REPL, and all the other nice Features!

That means that everything is nicely formatted to fit within the width of the terminal, and is copy-paste-able!

If you don't want this un-wrapping behavior, simply add another set of curlies and the block will be evaluated as a normal block, to a single expression: Each block of typing, deletes, or navigation counts as one undo.

This should make it much more convenient to recover from botched copy-pastes or bulk-deletions.

Ammonite provides a set of magic imports that let you load additional code into a REPL session: these are imports which start with a Note you can also perform file imports from your predef file, which are resolved relative to that file's path.

This is useful if your predef is large and you want to break it up into multiple files.

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