Server 2016 r2 dns not updating

Under “Event Severity” we check all boxes since we want to log everything (it’s important to check “Information” since most of the creation/deletions/etc are logged at this level of severity).

In the “Log” section click on “more” to jump to the “Custom Event Logs” tab (or, just click on that tab).

Now we need to add the Microsoft-Windows-DNSServer/Audit event log to the list of custom event logs so that this filter picks up events from the DNS Audit event log.

Click the save button in Event Sentry Management Console title bar to save the changes we’ve made so far.

In a future post we’ll also show how to do the same with older versions of Windows – 2008, 2008 R2 & 2012.

When configuration is finished you are going to be able to see when a zone/record is created/modified/deleted as well as by whom.

Does anyone have the steps to change from an Active Directory DNS to just infoblox.

To test the configuration we will create a domain called “” and add an A record called www on the monitored DNS server.

We’ll then check if those modifications are visible in the Event Sentry Web Reports.

I’m often using Remote Desktop Gateways to connect to various environments, including our Private Cloud.

One challenge arises when I change IP-address or network settings on a computer through SCVMM.

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