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Shocking as it may sound, there is NO EVIDENCE WHATSOEVER in either the Irish or the Scottish annals -- not even a TRACE of Jeremiah, Tea-Tephi and the ever-faithful Baruch! But with the facts of biblical history and prophecy in mind, one can easily sift out the legend from the true history in studying ancient Irish annals.The TRUTH is, if Jeremiah ever brought Zedekiah's daughter to Ireland, it went TOTALLY UNNOTICED in the ancient Irish annals. Throwing out that which is obviously legendary, we glean from various histories of Ireland the following: Long prior to 700 B. a strong colony called "Tuatha de Danaan" (tribe of Dan) arrived in ships, drove out other tribes, and settled there. (date of Jeremiah's transplanting), an elderly, white-haired patriarch, sometimes referred to as a "saint," came to Ireland.What corroborating evidence can be found in the Irish annals to back up this assertion?What FACTS can be gleaned from the ancient sources to show this compelling story to be true? Armstrong in the booklet "The United states and Britain in Prophecy", the story of Jeremiah's journey to Ireland with a daughter of King Zedekiah of Judah comes to life under the author's pen: "The real ancient history of Ireland is very extensive, though colored with some legend.Frankly, I was not aware how BASELESS these assertions were until I researched all the literature for myself. The key figure in Armstrong's story is, of course, Jeremiah the prophet. Let me state here and now that I have found NO SUCH TRADITION in the Irish annals!According to Worldwide Church of God historian Herman L. In Armstrong's booklet a similar connection is made; and British-Israelite theorists also claim this as fact. Raymond Capt in his book "Jacob's Pillar" makes the SAME assertion: "Many of the ancient Irish records, when making reference to an 'eastern king's daughter,' also mention an old man; 'a patriarch, a saint, a prophet,' called ' OLLAM FODHLA' .... To further solidify this identification of Jeremiah with the Irish Ollam Fodhla, E. I might be as blind as a bat in a London fog but I saw no link between Ireland and Jeremiah in this passage!This Herremon has usually been confused with a much earlier Gede the Herremon in David's day -- who married his uncle Ith's daughter Tea.

in the Library of the Royal Academy and of Trinity College, Dublin translated by John O' Donovan, M. Greg Doudna noticed the same paucity of evidence: "What the originators of the...legend did was simply combine famous, known figures in the annals, many centuries apart, and splice them together in a TOTALLY IMAGINARY RECONSTRUCTION. In British-Israel theory, and stated in the USBP, he is JEREMIAH, the aged prophet. Even Herman Hoeh, in his Irish chronology, places Ollam Fodhla's reign as 714 to 674 B. However, there was ONLY ONE Ollam Fodhla in all of Irish history!Later, in the days of David, a colony of the line of Zarah arrived in Ireland from the Near East. With him was the princess daughter of an eastern king and a companion called "Simon Brach," spelled in different histories as Breck, Berech, Brach, or Berach.The princess had a Hebrew name Tephi -- a pet name -- her full name being TEA-TEPHI.As also discovered by Greg Doudna (former Ambassador College student, now with the Department of Near Eastern Studies at Cornell University), "they all seem to draw from previous British-Israel writings.They speak so confidently it sounds like there must be something in the annals to which they refer.

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