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Christian, officer of the watch, Charles Churchill, ship's corporal, John Mills, gunner's mate, and Thomas Burkitt, seaman, came into my cabin, and seizing me, tied my hands with a cord behind my back, threatening me with instant death if I spoke or made the least noise.I called, however, as loud as I could in hopes of assistance; but they had already secured the officers who were not of their party, by placing sentinels at their doors.The following titles form part of the huge collection of ebooks freely downloadable from Project Gutenberg Australia. A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z ... The lyddite will soon bring them to their senses, once they are fairly bottled up in a town, with the bricks and stones tumbling about their ears. New Zealand was merely a materialistic paddock for mutton and beef and butter. His grey-headed editor had always told him he would be called to Sydney.Follow the links to read more about the authors and titles and to read and/or download the ebooks. All the Boers have fled to the Vaal--probably across it, without stopping, to Johannesburg and Pretoria. To many who read my account of our amazing adventure on the island of the Gland Men, it will serve as just another illustration of how devious is the path of science.This Australiana page boasts many ebooks by Australian writers, or books about Australia. He was going to conquer Sydney, the siren city of the South, the Athens of Australia.There is a diverse range; from the journals of the land and sea explorers; to the early accounts of white settlement in Australia; to the fiction of 'Banjo' Paterson, Henry Lawson and many other Australian writers. Four days' steaming across the Pacific had brought him to that centre of art and letters, and he saw the gaunt cliffs of the Heads open to receive him.

--From Steve Brown's Bunyip Every country, it is said, is governed as well as it deserves to be; and since the same electors who have deliberately returned these corrupt and time-serving politicians to represent them will choose the members of the Federal Parliament, is it to be supposed that they will return men of a higher class to represent them in its two Houses?Windows they have none, as from the Governor's house, &c., now nearly finished, no glass could be spared; so that lattices of twigs are made by our people to supply their places.At the extremity of the lines, where since our arrival the dead are buried, there is a place called the church-yard; but we hear, as soon as a sufficient quantity of bricks can be made, a church is to be built, and named St. Notwithstanding all our presents, the savages still continue to do us all the injury they can, which makes the soldiers' duty very hard, and much dissatisfaction among the officers. am I not free from the cares that obtrude on those of tougher texture of mind who find joy in the opposite to this peace and unconcern for the rewards and honours of the world?Hickson goes on to say that: "The diary written in Chapter 9 has been transcribed from Cox's original journal, now in the Mitchell Library (C708).This is the most interesting section of the Memoir, and is the only part written by William Cox himself.

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