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Like my 1980 dream in the mission field, this other dream also involved a road with two forks.

However, it clearly showed that the LDS Church (Mormonism) is the LEFT HAND PATH, not the RIGHT HAND PATH!

(2 Corinthians ) He brings wealth and power to his minions who are promoting the Left Hand Path.

He “endows” his initiates with “power in the priesthood throughout all generations of time, and throughout all eternity”.

34 Recently, I was doing an updated internet search concerning the life of my maternal Great-Grandfather, a man by the name of Joseph Leland Heywood.

JLH was quite an important man in Utah during the years 1850-1880. He converted to Mormonism during the Nauvoo era, and was baptized in the frozen Mississippi River, where, according to his journal, “the Prophet Joseph assisted in cutting the ice” for the event.

While pondering over these questions, I then saw a light and felt a tremendously warm presence envelope me. Looking back over my life since that night in 1980, I realize how He has always been there to help me find the Right Path when I have come to critical forks in the road.Please take the time and review the entire story: Readers, why is this symbolism so significant you may ask?I submit it is because there is only ONE path and only ONE gate in which we must spiritually enter His presence!In my dream, I was hiking along a very well marked path – not unlike the yellow-brick road in the Wizard of Oz movie.As I journeyed, the path became cluttered with leaves and dirt and was not as easy to distinguish.

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Then the following words entered into my mind and heart in a very powerful way. If you choose the Right, you will remain safe, and never be lost. His Holy Spirit has whispered clear directions to my heart and mind, and has shown me the right fork vs. This, I have now realized, is the very definition of the concept of GRACE – for I clearly have never done anything to deserve or in any way have earned this direction.

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