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Unlike dancers or actors, it doesn't matter what they look like or even if they have a whole lot of poise. Know many young actors and opera singers Personality and a sense of the world and history are really not a problem I was the one who noticed the sexlessness of beck.

I thought "my gaydar isn't going off "and the Ramasar guy really comes off as straight What I remember about ballet kids in the 70's was that they were very sharp and very sexual The documentary has zero insight energy conflict humor My only gossip, which isn't really gossip since Peck said it in a recent interview in the Times, is that Peck and Robert Fairchild were roommates at SAB and used to stay up all night playing Dance Dance Revolution.

As far as I know none of the current company members have commented about his suspension from SAB and the allegations that he traded sex for roles. Is Sara Mearns really the Jennifer Lawrence of ballet?

R13, wow Natalie Portman stealing Benjamin from Isabella Boylston...reminds me of Julia Roberts "stealing" her Danny from that Vera person.

Martins has been romantically linked with several top ballerinas in the company including one who has been mentioned previously in this thread.

Then there was the scandale of former NYCB principal Benjamin Millepied who choreographed the ballet in "Black Swan" and briefly took over as the head of the Paris Opera Ballet.

Opera singers tend to be more sophisticated than ballet dancers.

Ironically Geva later married Tallulah's ex husband John Emery I've heard rumors about Balanchine being bi Andrew Veyette left Megan Fairchild and took up with Ashley Hod who is one of the rising corps ballerinas.Both require natural talent--ballet has a particular body type; opera requires a basic instrument and musicality.It should come as a surprise to absolutely no one that Peter Martins has (finally) been publicly accused of sexual harassment. Is this why Wendy Whelan seemed so bitter towards him in her documentary?He lived with Isabella Boylston of ABT (she was a corps and soloist dancer during their relationship, now she is a principal).He took up with "Black Swan" star Natalie Portman during the filming while Boylston was still living in their apartment.

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