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Things that so many people take for granted, from having a bank account to taking out a car loan, can be difficult and unnerving, if not outright impossible, propositions—and they often require guidance.The most fundamental issue is how to deal with large amounts of cash, particularly in escorting.(Late last year, an appeals court ruled that Dart’s actions violated First Amendment rights.) Of course, all of this cash tends to raise questions about taxes.It’s a frequent topic across sex worker advice sites, and the message is almost always: do them.

“Nowadays, you strike up friendships on [message] boards and talk to each other.” It’s no wonder that finances attract special concern.

Kate D’Adamo, national policy advocate at The Sex Worker’s Project, says policies like Pay Pal’s further marginalize sex workers and push them into “more and more isolation and into more and more vulnerability.” She explains, “If someone knows you work in the sex trade, they know you probably have money in your house, so you’re that much more likely to get robbed,” she said.

“Having to be paid in cash because you can’t use Pay Pal means that you’re walking home at night or getting in a cab somewhere with five-hundred dollars on you.” And, of course, if a sex worker is robbed, he or she is likely less comfortable reporting it to police.

If you’ve seen it in a movie, other people have, too.” Of course, sex workers can always deposit cash in banks accounts, and many do, although as the “good girls don’t” post warns, “anything you deposit in a bank account, pay bills with, or buy large items with leaves a paper trail.” That can be of special concern when engaging in illegal sex work.

That’s not to mention the hazards in any line of sex work when dealing with bank tellers.

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the Financial Madam, under the tagline “bringing your tax liability to its knees.” “Sex workers are no different than any other business, but their deductions are a bit more interesting,” Kitts said, pointing to questions about things like lube and sex toys.

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