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I now have so much booty lined up that I'm thinking of installing a revolving bedroom door.

Nurofen's Express caplets cost £3.10 for 16, or £2 for the normal caplets, while a pack of unbranded Ibuprofen - the active ingredient of Nurofen - costs 40p.

That's means at best Nurofen is five times more expensive; at worst, almost eight times.

In a scam that’s so fiendish you’ve almost got to admire their cunning, one company bought up a whole load of numbers that were almost identical to the numbers given out on I’m A Celebrity and Britain’s Got Talent. But before you snap up that dubious shirt no one else wanted anyway or put down a deposit on a kitchen that's apparently going for a song, bear in mind that a sale isn't always a sale.

According to the law, a 'sale' item only needs to have been offered at the older, higher price for 28 consecutive days in the previous six months, so it's easy for firms to find a store in a remote location (where little is sold anyway), whack up the price for 28 days, then 'slash' the cost and market it nationally as being on sale.

You’d better hope you dialled correctly because otherwise you might just have been lining the pockets of some very clever crooks.

Leaving aside the horror of the airports that are about as close to the centre of town as London is to Birmingham, the cattle crush of boarding (no boring allocated seats here) and the filthy aircraft (no time for things like cleaning when you’ve got about five minutes between arrival and departure) it became clear that there was a price to pay for such bargain basement flights. You’re basically paying 20 per cent more for each gram of chocolate.

So far, so public health aware – pat on the back and all that.

More money for that slap-up celebratory dinner when it's finally been fitted! A walk has to be REALLY funny to justify those prices.

Shoppers are paying a so-called pink premium on beauty products as identical razors - two blades and an aloe strip - are offered at different prices depending on whether they are in the men's aisle or the women's aisle That was until the world decided that manuka honey – produced by bees who feed on the manuka tree, found only in Australia and New Zealand – was deemed to be The Best Honey In The World, with apparently almost magical qualities.

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