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Khan's choreography is a dazzling fusion of classical Indian katak and western contemporary dance - dance that is bold, uninhibited, intelligent, inventive and challenging. Portraits in Otherness is a new platform initiated by Akram Khan and his producer Farooq Chaudhry, seeking to transfer the intangible values and philosophy of Akram Khan Company to a new generation of talents.They invite four highly charismatic and distinctive dance artists to present solo work: Joy Alpuerto Ritter, Ching-Ying Chien, Dickson Mbi and Maya Dong, each embodying the echoes and primitive beauty of many dance languages both learned and inherited. Together with dancers Dani Brown, Evangelia Randou and composer HAUSCHKA, Alexandra Waierstall delves into hidden geographies, abandoned cities and no man's lands, and investigates the relationship between man and woman, the environment and choreography. A Chinese musician applies for a scholarship at the ultra-prestigious Eliot University. Set solely at the bus stop, Leila and Martin begin to consider, if we allow ourselves to connect to others, a stranger's perspective of the world can give more clarity on our own. Newlyweds Adam & Eve are moving to the countryside, leaving the city behind for good. Living amidst the chaos of London, both struggle with what is expected of them as a man, as a woman, and where they fit into society.With an acute sense of musicality and the body's materiality, Waierstall, a distinctive new voice from Germany, creates a convincing world where new relationships arise between language, movement and space. Helena, daughter of a poor physician, loves Bertram, son of a Countess.

Amongst the magical and ancient boughs, Rosalind discovers her exiled father, uncovers various truths about herself and others..falls helplessly in love.This show explores the motives of nine individuals who attempt to assassinate American presidents.Through Sondheim's witty lyrics and emotive score, it exposes a sinister underside to the American Dream. Worldviews clash, prejudices are exposed, values are tested and racial and sexual anxieties come to a head as the admission committee struggles. I find it makes them smile.' Two strangers meet at a bus stop.But what happens when youthful ambitions crash hard against reality?

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