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Charles Manson spent over 46 years in prison for the vicious murders of seven people in 1969, including actress Sharon Tate.

That, in turn, he told his followers, would stir white sentiment against African Americans, triggering widespread violence by blacks. Investigators, however, said the attacks also appeared motivated, at least in part, by Mr.

And now, only hours after this came to light, news came this morning that guitarist and co-founder of Manson's group Scott Putesky, a.k.a.

Daisy Berkowitz had passed away at age 49 from colon cancer.

Berkowitz was diagnosed with stage-four colon cancer in 2013.

"Scott Putesky and I made great music together," Manson wrote on Instagram following Putesky's death.

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Charles Manson, a fiery-eyed cult master whose lemming-like followers staged a bloody two-night murder rampage in Los Angeles in 1969 that gripped the city with fear and shocked the nation, died Nov. The sheer incomprehensibility of his followers’ acts — mutilation and ritual stabbings of seven victims, among them rising Hollywood star Sharon Tate, who was eight months pregnant and married to movie director Roman Polanski — left the public aghast and police investigators stumped for months.

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