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A one-time billionaire who lost nearly half of his fortune, polo team owner Peter Brant nearly divorced former supermodel Stephanie Seymour.

The divorce proceedings unveiled allegations of drug use, domestic violence, infidelity and unbridled spending in a War of Roses-style battle, but the lovebirds eventually reconciled.

It so happens Best Buddies was founded and is run by Anthony Shriver, the nephew of John F. Court documents obtained by Daily show Anthony filed a scathing complaint on October 27 , accusing Brant of a breach-of-contract.

Anthony Shriver, brother of Maria Shriver, (pictured with Jean-Frederic Dufour) is the founder of nonprofit Best Buddies International, a charity that pairs up people with developmental and intellectual disabilities with mentors who prepare their buddies for employment and a social life Ryan Brant, 45, is the son of former billionaire businessman Peter M. Ryan was at Best Buddies International's annual modern-art auction in 2013 when he entered a short bidding war for a green-and-yellow abstract canvas.

Brant took the painting home with him that night and was supposed to pay with a check made out to Best Buddies.

Four years later, according to the lawsuit, Brant has yet to make the charity whole.'I don't know anything about it,' Palm Beach resident Brant said by telephone.

Many times this hospice fraud occurs in the context of backdating patient certifications and recertifications.

In order for a hospice patient to remain covered under Medicare, the hospice must do a face-to-face encounter with the patient before the start of the patient’s third benefit period, and then subsequently for each new benefit period thereafter.

Providers have engaged in hospice fraud by failing to perform the required face-to-face encounter, which means they don’t get paid for providing the patient with hospice services, and forging and/or falsifying the patient documents to reflect that the encounter was performed before the new benefit period.

The core requirement for Medicare covered hospice services is that the patient is terminally ill (i.e. However, hospice providers have defrauded the federal government by admitting patients into hospice treatment that are not terminally ill.

As a result, the government is defrauded because it is paying for hospice care for individuals who do not need such treatment.

Nearly two years after the auction, according to the lawsuit, the charity received a check for ,000 and another for ,000. Brant sent two more checks for the same amounts a month later, and the one for ,000 cleared. In time, Brant alleged stopped taking Best Buddies' phone calls.

Shriver wants ,000 plus interests and legal costs.

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