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There are also women who want to go on the record, women who’ve summoned armies of brave colleagues ready to finally out their repellent bosses.

To many of them I must say that their guy isn’t well known enough, that the stories are now so plentiful that offenders must meet a certain bar of notoriety, or power, or villainy, before they’re considered newsworthy.

) bantered away, ignored, or attributed to our own lily-livered inability to cut it in the real world. “I stuffed all my harassment memories in an emotional trash compactor because there are just so many,” says my friend Amina Sow.It has left some of them reexamining how they excused his conduct, worked around it: how they were, in the parlance of Michelle Cottle, who wrote with nuance about Wieseltier, “game girls,” and thus reaped the professional rewards.“I got so much from him intellectually and emotionally, but I wonder if part of it was because I was game,” says one woman, “and what’s the cost of that?This faction includes my husband, a criminal-defense attorney who’s definitely not ignorant of the pervasiveness of sexual assault, yet reads the endless stream of reports with furrowed brow. “There’s this one woman, and I did ask her out, but only after she’d auditioned and hadn’t gotten the part. ” bad or maybe it was human and they really liked each other.I wrote her, like I write to all actors who I don’t cast, to explain why. We are turning over incidents that don’t fall into the categories that have been established — a spectrum that runs from Weinstein-level brutality to non-rapey but creepy massages to lurid-but-risible pickup lines — and wondering whether or how any of it relates to actual desire for another person.

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