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We'll happily accept any knowledgable legal advice on the subject! I live in Manchester but have been down there for a lot of holidays.

We have even taken the ferry, love looking on your webcam if only to look at your beautiful weather (envious of course) What a beautiful part of the country.

Enter Comment Here I felt I had to comment on this - I have been looking at this camera for years and it is lovely to see how the weather and tides are down in beautiful Fowey when I can't be there myself.

I do agree that perhaps we should not be able to zoom in on people's windows across the water, however, I could stand on the quayside (or at a window) and look across the water with a pair of binoculars and nobody would say a thing would they?

A Google Map of the viewable locations is available Hi John Sorry you are having difficulty.

I just checked using Safari browser and all seems ok! This webcam is a free service, and we work hard to keep it going, so that everyone can use it. We don't restrict public use, but we do expect users to be polite and considerate, unlike the previous two comments.

You have a whole new set of we fans- Hi to SWW, and its contractors, who are using the webcam to monitor their emergency works on the slip.

The slip's closed to the public but some are still getting in!

Most of videos on this site are from video sharing websites.

Forrest sent these without explanation a few minutes ago. I know what some of you are thinking but I am not sure…

(Stephanie is busy digging out her old photos to compare…) My favorite is the running guy with the bike helmet and what appears to be a spike on his back..perhaps he’s running from a bear in Yellowstone… and they definitely look like they could have been around for three/four years…

Than you Slip has reopened and SWW working, they tell us,on a long term solution to the problems.

Bunting went up at front of Ferryman's last night- neither to celebrate SWW sorting things, nor to wish me a happy birthday today- but the countdown to Regatta!

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