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Xisca Perello has become an important part of Nadal's life since she started dating him in 2005.Rafael Nadal stated to the Huffingpost that there are three most important persons in his life who has continuously supported him and they are his mother, sister, and his girlfriend Xisca.I’m not as mad about ham myself as most people seem to be, but cheese? If I take the car to drive to Palma, only an hour away, he’ll beg me, always, to drive slowly and carefully.“I like to light up the fireplace almost every night.Rafael Nadal has maintained his love relation very nicely as he sometimes manages his busy schedule to date his girlfriend Xisca.In 2015, he was spotted on a romantic date with Xisca in his hometown Mallorca, Spain.What do you guys think of Rafael and his girlfriend Xisca? Please, leave your opinions in the comment box below.

Rafael Nadal is a 30-year-old tennis player and he has not got married yet. he has not got married yet, he is in a long-term relationship with girlfriend Maria Francisca.To imagine my good fortune and success in their absence is to imagine the impossible”.Nadal’s mother Ana Maria Parera “Deep down, he is a super-sensitive human being full of fears and insecurities that people who don’t know him would scarcely imagine,” says Ana Maria.But just weeks after Nadal denied rumours of a budding romance with Xisca, the pair were spotted in each other’s arms on a beach.Rafa’s uncle Toni said at the time: “I guess a lot of girls will be upset to know the truth. It was a well-kept secret but actually his girlfriend is waiting for him in Mallorca.” And despite their cover being blown, it seems Xisca’s decision to continue her studies in London is clear evidence that her feet remain firmly on the ground.

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