Podcast not updating on itunes who is dating rob dyrdek

People are subscribed directly to your RSS feed, so it doesn't matter whether i Tunes displays the latest episode in the store.

Audio description is a means to inform individuals who are blind or who have low vision about visual content essential for comprehension.i Tunes 11.2 adds a couple of improvements to the Podcast section of i Tunes that make browsing between subscribed podcasts easier by showing you which episodes you haven’t listened to, thanks to a new Unplayed tab.The i Tunes update relieves your hard drive from storing a backlog of episodes you’ve listened to with a new option to automatically delete episodes after you’ve played them.Check out My Podcast Reviews to get your own podcast reviews automatically emailed to you and learn how to grow your audience with reviews!This post may contain links to products or services with which I have an affiliate relationship and may receive compensation from your actions through such links.

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