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The feature is dependent on your car’s model and its software support. As a result, you can listen to music or radio stations through your car’s built-in audio system and at the same time hear spoken directions, which is really nice.So if you’re listening to FM radio, navigation prompts now automatically interrupt and play just like an incoming phone would.We’ve already detailed some of the noteworthy enhancements like Touch ID reliability improvements, new Siri features, Car Play support, a bunch of bug fixes – some of which have been credited to prominent i OS hackers like the evad3rs team – and more.According to developer Mike Piontek, Maps in i OS 7.1 includes a poorly labeled new feature called HFP Prompts which allows the app to play navigation prompts over your car’s speakers, via Bluetooth, even when the i Phone is not selected as the audio source.Maps for cycling include street maps and topo maps for training, touring or commuting. Handheld GPS devices are great companions for hiking, fishing, hunting, and more.These outdoor map updates keep you navigating with the latest and most accurate information.Aviation is a separate and highly regulated part of Garmin's database offerings.

I actually prefer SD card updates for their simplicity and ease of use.

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Simply open Maps start a route and tap the audio button in the bottom right.

A panel will pop up with Volume settings for Navigation Voice and the Output section with the HFP Prompts switch right below.

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