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Nothing new happened to where I would be broken up and jilted a day before our Mexican vacation for our anniversary that I only remembered.” Schroeder said that she tried to give Meagher a few hours to cool off and hoped he would change his mind about the break up, but he didn’t. Like, once we get into a fight, and I try and keep my cool for so long.

It goes without saying that breaking up is always a difficult situation, no matter how you slice it."I've never understood when people are like, it takes half the time of your relationship," she says. Referring to him as a "wonderful person," Stassi explains to Bustle, "It took us a really long time to talk.Actually, one of the first times was he reached out to me during the whole podcast thing.As for exactly what fans can expect in Season 6, Stassi explains, "So, Patrick and I got back together and he'll be on this season ... Right back to where I started." reported that the explosive breakup reportedly occurred just hours before the pair was scheduled to jet set on a romantic vacation to Mexico.But then we broke up again." She laughs and continues, "That's gonna be unfortunate to watch. Totally open about the situation, Stassi announced the devastating news during her podcast, which was broadcasted straight from the Mexican retreat, with by her best friend Rachel O'Brien right by her side.

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