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No matter how many days you celebrate, have a joyous and liberating Pesach!What better way to show how much you care than sending them a card from American Greetings.The festival calendar in the Torah is clear: Pesach begins on the 15, a day off from work.On the first night, there is a seder, with matzah, maror, and the retelling of the Exodus.In the Orthodox world, two days are standard, with the exception of some Israeli expats who maintain their one-day practice even outside Israel.

These cards are also able to be personalized with a message from you and posted to their Facebook page.

Up to the present time, all Jewish streams in Israel (liberal, Orthodox, and secular) follow the Torah's calendar and observe each for one day (and Pesach for seven days).

But outside of Israel, the two-day (eight-day) custom stuck.

Therefore, if any congregations abolish some or all of these second days, they ...

are thoroughly justified in their act." These rabbis saw themselves as representing the entire Jewish people, but of course, Reform Judaism eventually became just one of several modern denominations.

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Other Jewish girls may hide what they are thinking a bit more.

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