Outlook 2016 gal not updating exchange 2016

Mobile users on the corporate Exchange Server occasionally use the Global Address List (GAL).Users will eventually need to call a co-worker that isn't in their address book. Half of your users will fail at this task and the other half won't find it a productive experience.Another example is a searching for “Some mobility experts have already figured out that sync is better than search.

It simply isn't as easy as searching the GAL when you compose an email.There is easily enough technology to solve this problem but it is often ignored.It doesn’t matter if smartphone users are on the road, or in the office.🙂 For an individual, this can be achieved through your OWA settings.Once logged into OWA, select Options -A point to be noted, even-though you disable the feature, the clutter folder still remains in your mailbox and all the mails which were previously in this folder will remain there itself.

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