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We clear your shipment through customs as a single entry, and then deliver to individual recipients in the destination country.

Individual pieces up to 108" or 274cm in length, 70" or 178cm in height, 130" or 330cm in length plus girth (L 2W 2H).

Each package size must not exceed 108" or 274cm in width, 130" or 330cm in length plus girth.- Fed Ex Delivery Signature Options shipper option allows consignee to receive the shipment with no signature, indirect signature, direct signature and adult signature.- Door-to-door, customs-cleared service- Next-business-day delivery between 38 major European markets and next-business-day delivery within Asia, and next-business-day delivery from Asia to the U.

S.- Saturday pickup and delivery - Money-Back Guarantee- Fed Ex International Broker Select- Permitted to transport Dangerous Goods**- Hold at Fed Ex Location service option- A variety of billing options --- You can choose to bill the shipper, the consignee or a third-party account - Online tracking that gives you access to round-the-clock shipment status and automatically updates you and the consignee by e-mail in any of 16 different languages * Please call our Customer Service team for the exact transit time of shipments sent to different destinations.

- Hardened containers (plywood, metal) that are not banded must have an exteriorlock or clamp (glue, nails and screws are not sufficient).

- Use the Fed Ex If time is not critical, Fed Ex offers the same reliability, at more affordable rates and with no weight limit.

You can plan with greater confidence, tightening production schedules and reducing inventories.

An innovative service that helps you manage your supply chain by sending consolidated shipments.When you have extra time, but no extra tolerance for late packages, you need Fed Ex International Economy service (IE).A cost-effective service with all the quality and reliability you expect from Fed Ex, Fed Ex International Economy offers door-to-door service, customs clearance and a day-definite delivery commitment.- Use the Fed Ex Fed Ex International Priority Direct Distribution (IPD) offers delivery of a bulk shipment from an international origin to multiple addresses within a single destination country.The shipment clears customs as a single unit with delivery time in just 2-4 business days*.

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