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Sheffield remained a major industrial city throughout the first half of the 20th century, but the downturn in world trade following the 1973 oil crisis, technological improvements and economies of scale, and a wide-reaching restructuring of steel production throughout the European Economic Community led to the closure of many of the steelworks from the early 1970s onward.

Urban and economic regeneration schemes were initiated in the late 1980s.

It, and an area around it of 2 m diameter, is a scheduled ancient monument.

During the Bronze Age (about 1500 BC) tribes sometimes called the Urn people started to settle in the area. the son of Albanus, of the tribe of the Sunuci, late a foot soldier in the first cohort of the Sunuci commanded by M. It is unlikely that the settlement that grew into Sheffield existed at this time.

The invading force was met and defeated by an army from Wessex and Mercia led by King Æthelstan at the Battle of Brunanburh.

In the 1740s the crucible steel process was improved by Sheffield resident Benjamin Huntsman, allowing a much better production quality.

These tablets included a grant of citizenship and land or money to a retiring Roman auxiliary of the Sunuci tribe of Belgium. The latter part of the 9th century saw a wave of Norse (Viking) settlers and the subsequent establishment of the Danelaw.

The names of hamlets established by these settlers often end in thorpe, which means a farmstead.

Subsequently, the Anglo-Saxons, under Edmund, re-conquered the Midlands, as far as Dore, in 942, and captured Northumbria in 944.

The Domesday Book of 1086, which was compiled following the Norman Conquest of 1066, contains the earliest known reference to the districts around Sheffield as the manor of "Hallun" (or Hallam).

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It comes after a year of publicity around a ‘fourth industrial revolution’ of robots, Big Data and 3D printing which Sheffield is well placed to lead.

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