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“No, it’s for her, she wants a birthday party, I just want to be able to hang out with some friends.

“I don’t have any of their numbers.” Your sister groaned. “Um, he’s been away so much, and with school I don’t have enough for him and the boys, so I’ve never really met them.

“Yes, okay Har, I get it, you can tell me James was bad and that I was wrong, go ahead.” You muttered, feeling more stubborn about the last conversation with him.

“I’m not very good at – um kicking the ball…” You stated.

Harry and your sister have been together a year, today, yeah they started dating on his birthday.

“Y/N, he’s bad news, promise me that you’ll at least rethink this date? “Fine.” You said, trying to convince Harry you‘d listen, when you won’t.

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