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He’s promised to be a reliable Republican in Washington, as befits his conservative district, and as chair of the House Committee on Energy and Commerce — the oldest and longest-standing committee in the Congress — he’s more than doing his bit.

Twenty of the cannabis-related bills in Congress have been assigned to Walden’s committee, more than any other in Congress.

Interesting cannabis headlines keep coming at us at lightning speed, and the first full week of February 2018 was loaded with notable cannabis news. News broke this week that Colorado legislators are, again, considering allowing cannabis delivery in the Centennial State. We’ve got our fingers crossed they have more luck this time.

Every single day we keep our eyes on cannabis news headlines — then we pass some of the best nuggets on to you. Girl Scout entrepreneur under fire (you gotta be kidding us! Washington marijuana tracking still a problem It would be an understatement to say that the state of Washington has had problems with their marijuana tracking system. According to some businesses this week, there have been abundant problems generating manifests and traceability has all but shut down at times. One need not be a hardened cynic to grasp that Congress, on the whole, is not in the business of doing the people’s business.

That was entered into the record at a committee hearing called by Grassley. %related-post-3% Greg Walden You might not expect a Congressmember from Oregon to be a roadblock obstructing progress on cannabis.

But Greg Walden is Oregon’s token Republican in Congress.

Of these, a perfect, round zero have advanced to a hearing.

Jeffrey's Flower and Oil is a cannabis dispensary in Portland that is, as the Willamette Week puts it, “a one-stop for tinctures, drinks and munchies.” PTL, friends. What’s more, Jeffrey’s plans on offering picnic baskets full of great grub and cannabis items this summer. And yet, Capitol Hill lawmakers more interested in donors than voters cannot resist forever.If a bill manages to make it out of another committee, the Committee on Rules can hold it up, or send it to another, unfriendly committee. There was Cory Booker, there was Kirsten Gillibrand, and there was Rand Paul, pushing bipartisan cannabis reform in the U. Iowa Republican Chuck Grassley is chair of the Senate Judiciary committee. Dianne Feinstein (D-California), a legendary foe of drug-policy reform in her own right, Grassley declared his support for expanded marijuana research, not long after declaring his opposition to just that.In September, it was the Sessions-chaired Rules Committee that refused to allow the rest of Congress to even vote on a host of marijuana reform measures, some of them very modest. Under Sessions, the Rules Committee is engaging in pure obstructionism — a tyranny of the minority. Grassley could have had everything he asked for in that op-ed, had he not used his position as chair of the Judiciary to block CARERS from a hearing.There are bills to speed along marijuana research, reform banking and taxation restrictions, and legalize cannabis outright. Bills only become law if the bill receives first a hearing in committee — and a bill only gets a hearing if it’s called by the committee chair. Walk with us, won’t you, through the garden of cannabis roadblockers.In this way, a handful of select lawmakers can block popular measures that impact millions of people from becoming law — and, if the committee chair is from, say, Texas, there’s very little the people of, say, California, Colorado, Oregon, Washington, Alaska, Nevada, Massachusetts and Maine he is maligning can do about it. %related-post-2% Pete Sessions Perhaps nobody in Congress is more responsible for the current unpopular cannabis stalemate. Pete Sessions (no relation to Jefferson Beauregard III) has represented the northern neighborhoods and suburbs of Dallas for more than 20 years.

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And if a group of Colorado legislators have their way, it will be — in Colorado, anyway.

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