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In Windows Vista and Windows 7, additional layers of navigation were introduced, and the Control Panel window itself became the main interface for editing settings, as opposed to launching separate dialogs.Many of the individual Control Panel applets can be accessed in other ways.This is used to specify how the Automatic Updates client (wuauclt.exe) should download updates from the Microsoft Update Website, by default this is set to download and install daily, however this can be changed to a more suitable frequency.This also allows the user to specify whether to ask permission before downloading and/or installing updates or to simply switch off Automatic Updates altogether.First added in Windows XP with Service Pack 2, Security Center gives the user access to the inbuilt Windows security components, as well as providing information about any existing antivirus software such as Mc Afee or Zone Alarm.It includes access to Windows Update, where users can specify whether the computer should check for updates regularly (also available through the Windows Update panel), and options for managing internet security settings.

It also offers troubleshooting functions in case the computer has to be reconnected to the network.

In addition to using the control panel, a user can also invoke the applets manually via the command processor.

For instance, the syntax "inetcpl.cpl" or "/name Microsoft.

It also includes links to internet articles about PC security and current virus threats and notifies the user when the PC's security is compromised.

This applet has two main functions, the first is specify settings for Speech synthesis, allowing the user to select the voice the computer should use to narrate text and how fast it should read.

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