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There was another boy in front — we thought he was about 13.“That was a surprise, that two youths had apparently taken him.A picture taken from CCTV footage shows the tot being taken by the hand in what would become one of the defining images of the shocking case.The killers walked James for two and half miles and were spotted by 38 people – some of whom challenged the pair.She writes: “Thompson lived in Walton, not far from the murder scene, with his mum and two younger brothers.The arresting officer ended up speaking to Thompson’s seven-year-old brother.They poured modelling paint into his eyes, stoned him and clubbed him with bricks, before leaving him on the railway line to be hit by a train.After killing the tot they left his body near the tracks where it was discovered two days later.

“She named the duo adding, ‘They are naughty boys’." The identity of the killers was concealed from the public during their arrest and trial.TWO-year-old James Bulger was tortured and killed by schoolboys in a crime that shocked Britain.The toddler was snatched from the Strand Shopping Centre in Bootle, Merseyside, on February 12, 1993 by Robert Thompson and Jon Venables.Robert Thompson and Jon Venables were only 10-years-old when they became the country’s youngest murderers in 250 years.Little James was led away by the depraved duo while his mother was in a butcher's shop at the busy shopping centre.

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