Network validating identity certificate

I don't know how you generated your public and private key-pair for your RADIUS server but generally speaking it will either be self-signed or signed by a certificate authority.In turn the signing certificate authority's public key will be distributed to clients, either through GPOs, Active Directory Certificate Services or it was included by Microsoft in the Trusted Root Certification Authority repository.We're deploying a wireless networking using Windows Server 2008 NAC as a RADIUS server.When Windows XP or 7 clients connect they initally fail to connect.Students can use their BYOD devices to connect and reach the portal, pass their user authentication credentials to the portal and the portal can then talk to the RADIUS server.Eduroam is another popular choice for educational organizations.

Not an ideal setup but your department will need to do the risk analysis.

Also, since I was able to connect from my laptop with no problem, it led me to believe it was something wrong with my desktop.

After about 30 minutes of fiddling around with various settings, I was able to figure out what the problem was.

Click on the Authentication tab and now uncheck the Enable IEEE 802.1x authentication for this network box.

If the box was checked, then that was why you were getting the “unable to find a certificate to log you on to the network” message because Windows is looking for one, but your wireless router is not setup for certificate security. Once I unchecked that box and tried to reconnect to the wireless network, everything worked fine!

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Then select "MS Windows Vista" as your operating system and download & install the configuration file.) 1.

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