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He was followed by Johannes I (1062-72), who was succeeded by Petrus I (1071-1111).

During the episcopate of Petrus, Count Peter Wlast entered upon that work of founding churches and monasteries which has preserved his name.

With the episcopate of Bishop Walter (1149-69) the history of the Diocese of Breslau begins to grow clearer.

At Walter's request Pope Adrian IV, in 1155, took the bishopric under his protection and confirmed to it the territorial possessions of which a list had been submitted to him.

Among the rights which the pope then confirmed was that of jurisdiction over the lands belonging to the castle of Ottmachau which had been regarded as the patrimony of the diocese from its foundation.

During Walter's episcopate the Polish Duke Ladislaus and his family were driven from home and took refuge in Germany ; in 1163 the sons of Ladislaus returned and, through the intervention of Frederick Barbarossa, received as an independent duchy the part of Silesia which was included at that date in the See of Breslau.

By a patent of Otto III , in 995, Silesia was attached to the See of Meissen, which, like Posen, was suffragan to the Archdiocese of Magdeburg.

He was followed by Thomas II (1270-92), who was involved for years in a violent dispute with Duke Henry IV as to the prerogatives of the Church in Silesia.The See of Prague, founded probably in 973, was suffragan to the Archdiocese of Mainz.The Polish ruler, Boleslaw Chrobry, the son of Misiko, obtained the Bohemian part of Silesia during his wars of conquest, and a change in the ecclesiastical dependence of the province followed.The episcopate of Bishop Lorenz (1207-32) was marked by his efforts to bring colonies of Germans into the church territories, to effect the cultivation of waste lands.This introduction of German settlers by the bishop was in accordance with the example set by Heinrich I and St. The monasteries of the Augustinian Canons, Premonstratensians, and Cistercians took an active part in carrying out the schemes of the rulers by placing great numbers of Germans, especially Thuringians and Franconians, on the large estates that had been granted them.

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One of the most noted bishops of the diocese was Thomas I (1232-68); he continued the work of German colonization with so much energy that even the marauding incursions of the Mongols (1241) made but a temporary break in the process.

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