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A good career for a solar Eighth House person is anything that involves managing other people’s money: accounting, banking, etc.The Moon in the Eighth House The Eight House governs sexual energy and change, while the Moon holds reign over, well, change as well.But just as often, “death” is a metaphor which refers to endings and/or new beginnings and/or changes.

Or better yet, it can suggest that your Eighth House life areas are so naturally well-ordered that very little effort is required on your part to keep things running smoothly (you lucky bastard; what’s like?

We will be adding more to the archives in coming months, so stay tuned!

Over our journey through the previous seven astrological Houses, I’d say, and hopefully you’d agree, that we’ve enjoyed an informative, relatively lighthearted safari as we’ve navigated the jungles of a vast array of life areas: money, ego, relationships, travel, communication, home, and family, just to name a few. If you ever had a Tarot card reading and had the Death card placed in front of you, if you were unfamiliar with Tarot, your heart might have skipped a beat as you drew in a quick breath, praying the reader wasn’t about to deliver a death sentence to you or a loved one.

This strong interest in spirituality could manifest as a result of a close, personal loss due to a death or it could be that the native simply finds this area of study interesting.

It should be noted here that negative aspects in the natal chart of the individual with this Sun placement often result in premature, violent, or otherwise sudden death.

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