Minecraft 1 3 self updating works for all versions

Internals (1.8.9): Changed the names used for facings in the block states to make them more intuitive -- blocks placed when the player is facing north now show as oriented "north" rather than "east".Metadata values remain the same for compatibility with existing worlds, although this means they are probably different from what most vanilla blocks use. If a dimension becomes unloaded, any open stargate connections to it should now be automatically closed.The PS4 version will have to wait a little longer, while the Java version will be officially renamed Minecraft: Java Edition.It doesn't look like the Wii U version of Minecraft will be updated, with Destructoid reporting that a Microsoft representative has stated that legacy systems - which also includes the PS3 and Xbox 360 - won't receive the Better Together update.See the note on Error Handling in the documentation for a way to adapt your existing code.1.7.10: Added German language file (contributed by Timmy94W).This is a Forge-based mod, so if you haven't done so already, you will need to install Forge.See the Download section below for recommended versions.

As a result of these changes, if you have converted a world from a previous version, the reported addresses of existing gates will have changed in the last two characters.

Once the update lands, Nintendo Switch and Xbox One owners will be able to link with (nearly) every other version of the game.

You'll get access to Realms - Minecraft's multiplayer mode - as well as the freshly-launched Community Marketplace.

Breaking a Computer Craft stargate interface should no longer be able to crash the server.

The chunk Loading Range config setting can now be set to -1 to prevent stargates from keeping any chunks loaded.

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Fixed /tp command from in front of a gate spuriously triggering gate travel.

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