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Held in deep affection for warm personality and wit, his loss has devastated people in the town and at Lyonshall where he lived with his wife, Debbie.

At a public meeting in the village this week to discuss proposals for the local pub, the Royal George, a packed Memorial village hall observed a minute’s silence in tribute to a man acknowledged by all as a legend in his own lifetime.

He had a wide knowledge of the countryside around him, as well as a strong grasp of the social history of his community, and he had a passion for rock concerts.

Said Mr Edwards: “He didn’t have a nasty bone in his body, he was the most wonderful person and everyone is totally devastated.

It was also a big night for X Factor judge Gary Barlow’s daughter Emily, who is in the cast.

Emily, nine, who plays a munchkin called Jan, auditioned for the part last year.

“The whole community is in mourning,” said Emma Hancocks, chairman of Kington Chamber of Trade.

“We wanted to put his picture on the roundabout and give people a chance to offer their condolences.

Delving into the time of the barbarian invasions, the fifth century of the Christian era, was to enter a world in which myth, legend, and history were intertwined. Those had followed a clear historical line, been restricted in time, and even space, with much of the action in and around the Roman Forum. it would have to be very different from the novels I had written about Caesar, Augustus and Tiberius.“Wizard’s not someone who could be replaced,” she said.“He was a massive star and this has left a void in our community.” Proud of his Lyonshall roots, Wizard was instantly recognisable in his blue van with the name of the village emblazoned across the front.

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